Based at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Bristol, and the Sheffield Institute of Education at Sheffield Hallam University, our approach is all about finding the maths in everyday life. We want to increase the amount of mathematical talk in families, by helping parents 'find the maths' in everyday activity. We launched an exciting new (FREE) tool kit to support this in November 2015. Please see the 'For Teachers' link above for full details.

Research tells us that increasing the amount we talk to children about maths is one of the best ways to help them learn. Rather than asking parents to do school maths, though, we help parents to think about more informal ways to talk about the maths that is involved in their everyday family life, outside of school.

The project has grown from work funded by the
Nuffield Foundation, during a project led by Dr Tim Jay (Sheffield Hallam University) and Dr Jo Rose (University of Bristol). The project started in January 2013, with Dr Ben Simmons working on the project as a researcher. We began by working with parents in around 20 primary schools in Bristol, to help us understand parents' ideas, attitudes and concerns regarding their children's maths learning. Then from September 2013, we started working with four schools to develop workshops for parents. After the project finished, we were awarded an additional grant from the ESRC to develop resources for schools and parents based on our research. This website was created to share what we learned during the project and to share the materials and resources that we have produced.


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