Dr Tim Jay is Reader in Education, at the Sheffield Institute of Education, Sheffield Hallam University. He spent some time as a secondary school maths teacher, where he developed an interest in understanding ways in which children learn mathematics - especially individual differences in the ways that children learn. Tim's previous work researching the maths in children's out-of-school economic activity was a major influence on the Everyday Maths Project.

Dr Jo Rose is a Social Psychologist in the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol, with research interests in the fields of aspiration and its links to learning and attainment, educational partnerships and inter-professional working, and the engagement of stakeholders in education and support services. Jo is particularly interested in issues around social justice - how young people from all backgrounds can be supported to achieve in education.

Dr Ben Simmons was a researcher working on the Everyday Maths Project. He has a research background in working with young people and their families in the fields of health, education, and disability. Before joining the University of Bristol, Ben held research posts at the University of Oxford, University of Exeter and Plymouth University. He also worked as a researcher and support worker for third-sector organisations, including Scope and Mencap.